Lollipop Lyra

Bring the magic of cirque to your event with an ambient aerial performer!

While aerial rigging is always a possibility, more often than not venues do not have the structural set-up to accomodate a rigged apparatus. Sometimes, a venue simply will not allow it. Aerial rigs are large and cumbersome, requiring great height and distance around the rig that makes it difficult to be used in most venues.

The Lollipop Lyra is a specialty, free-standing apparatus that can be set-up almost anywhere. If your venue has a flat, smooth surface and at least ten (10) feet of ceiling height, then you are set to go! This apparatus can be used indoors, outdoors (weather permitting), and for a variety of performance styles.

AMBIENT ENTERTAINMENT is a very popular option. A performer will provide slow, acrobatic poses, tricks, and flows to entertain your guests when they arrive, during dinner or cocktail hour, or simply for the duration of the event. In most cases, the performer will provide three (3) 8-10 minute sets per hour.

FEATURED PERFORMANCES are a unique element suitable in certain situations. Most often hired as part of a series of performances or in conjunction with another form of entertainment (specific band song, spoken word/poetry, or as a main attraction in the schedule of events). The performance will specifically choreographed for your event – I will work closely with you on song choice, event theme, etc.

AERIAL BARTENDING is a fantastic partner with the Lollipop Lyra. A performer will treat your guests by pouring a beverage, such as champagne, while on the apparatus. Visit the AERIAL BARTENDING page for more details on this service offering.

Booking Details

Rates begin at $300 per hour for ambient entertainment.

Special pricing applies for choreographed, featured performances.

Includes performance time, early arrival, stage set-up, costume, make-up, & professional experience

Travel outside of the Triangle area may include additional fees

A pre-event consultation is required to determine how to best incorporate this service into your event timeline