Stilt Walking

Remember that sense of awe & wonder you left with after your first visit to the circus? Recreate that same feeling for your guests (and yourself!) with a stilt walker. A towering, costumed performer is perfect for hyping up a crowd, greeting guests, captivating young ones, and creating memorable photo opportunities.

If you are in need of COVID-friendly ideas to surprise a special someone or bring some cheer to the neighborhood… look no further! There’s nothing quite like seeing a stilt-walker suddenly roam the neighborhood streets to greet & party with the entire ‘hood. Socially distanced, safe, and one-of-a-kind.

NEW ACT! Apologies for the lack of full costume photos at the moment (coming soon!) – below are a just a few examples of stilt costumes ready to go. Dozens of other costumes can easily be created to match your theme, if not shown below.

Booking Details

Rates begin at $150/hour

Includes performance time, early arrival, set-up, costume, make-up, & professional experience

Travel outside of the Triangle area may include additional fees

A pre-event consultation is required to determine how to best incorporate this service into your event timeline

Additional fee is required for LED robot costume