Dakota Fox is easy to find in a crowd – just look out for purple hair & a large personality! With a wide range of movement modalities under her belt, Dakota looks forward to helping you bring a little extra flair to your next event or loved ones celebration. During these uncertain times, Dakota will have some event capability restrictions due to COVID-19. She encourages event planners to plan for outdoor events, small groups indoors, masks, or fun “drive by” performance options that are social distance friendly.



Dakota was born in 1984 in California before relocating with parents & two brothers to North Carolina in 1990. A tomboy at heart, Dakota’s ultimate hero was Xena, The Warrior Princess. She played team sports in middle & high school, which is also when she began training in Muay Thai & Hapkido. Her passion for helping others led Dakota to pursue a career in law enforcement.


Dakota had a whirlwind year after college – she graduated the police academy, completed field training as a patrol officer, and got married! During her years in law enforcement, Dakota was a member of the department’s Honor Guard, a continuing education instructor, a field training officer, as well as a subject control technique instructor.


After her first public performance 2011, Dakota entered the world of professional pole fitness competitions. This led to her personal brand growing even more as she began to travel & teach workshops through the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. In 2013 she purchased her mother’s business, continuing to work full-time in law enforcement while also juggling the complexities a small business. In 2014 she was appointed head of all USA operations for Aradia Fitness, taking on the role of business branding, growth, and curriculum development.


During college, she completed several law enforcement internships as she pursued a degree in Law & Justice. She also co-founded a women’s self defense non-profit organization in 2004. After graduating from NC State University in 2007, Dakota was immediately hired on as a police officer for a local municipality.


Dakota was introduced to the world of pole dance fitness in 2007 when her mother opened Aradia Fitness in Cary, NC. She began training & teaching in 2009 and quickly fell in love with this challenging, fun, and athletic style of movement. Her flair for athleticism landed her in the role of an early industry influencer and even media appearances on America’s Got Talent & The Wendy William’s Show.


At the end of 2016, Dakota found herself making a difficult decision – continuing working in law enforcement or focus on a passion turned career in dance & fitness? She knew something had to give and ultimately decided to hang up her “batwoman” belt to focus on her small business full-time. Shortly thereafter, she & her husband discovered they were going to be new parents. They welcomed their daughter into their family in December of 2017. Since then Dakota has enjoyed sharing her postpartum movement journey, helping others embrace the fun side of fitness, as well as delight audiences as a local aerial & circus entertainer.